Search Tips

Application Numbers

If you know your application number, please enter it in the “application number” section.

Please enter only the numerals in this format – 7890 (for the 4 digit applications) or 12345 (for the more recent applications).

Some older applications had a numerical code such as 7890/ABR-03. Please ensure you only use the first 4 or 5 numerals – leave off everything else.

Applicant Name

If you are unsure of your number or have not yet received one, please enter either all or a part of your applicant organisation’s name. If you have trouble locating your application, enter the main part of the name, ie;

  • Rangiora Squash Club – enter “Squash”. If you enter “Rangiora” only, you will come up with all applications with the name “Rangiora”. You can still identify and click on your correct application but the list may be longer.

For Plunket Applications;

Because of the many and varied branches of Plunket, you must enter either “Plunket” or “RNZ Plunket” to view a list of the branches.

For Girl Guides Applications;

All applications for the Girl Guides branches are listed under “GGANZ”. If you type in this format, you can select from the correct branch.

For Lions Clubs, Rotary or other countrywide organisations;

Simply enter the main component of your name such as “lions” and search from the list that is generated.

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