Guidelines for Grant Applications

Applicants can apply online only.

The Foundation currently holds 11 Funding Rounds per annum and the closing dates for each round are strictly adhered to. We strongly advise that Applicants check these dates against their project needs. Please note that applications for funding for any activity closer than six weeks from the date of the forms submission may be received too late for full consideration and therefore declined.

All of the following relates to conditions of TTCF’s Gaming Machine Operator’s Licence and apply to every applicant or organisation making application for grants from gaming machine funds.

All applications must have the following information completed or attached before the Net Proceeds Committee can consider them;


  1. All sections of the online form must be filled out correctly. Failure to complete any one or more sections may result in the application being returned without consideration.
  2. The ‘Consent to Audit & Declaration’ must be signed and dated by two authorised persons, e.g the Secretary, Treasurer or Chairperson of the applicant group and in the case of schools the Principal and one other.
  3. Supporting documentation must provided with the form.
  4. Applications are to be uploaded online by midnight on the advertised closing date for each funding round.
  5. Applications must be received at least 6 weeks prior to any event or purchase for which funding is sought.


At least 2 competitive quotations for all products/services that are proposed.

  1. Quotes must be less than 3 months old, be addressed to the applicant group & contain full supplier details (name, address, telephone, GST status, etc).
  2. Emailed quotes may be acceptable from reputable suppliers but must be less than 3 months old and contain full supplier details (name, address, telephone, GST status, etc).
  3. If funding is required towards general running costs (power, landline telephone, rates or building insurance) copies of invoices for the previous three months need to be supplied.
  4. Applications for existing salary positions must provide a signed employment contract clearly stating the term of the contract, employee’s name and rate of pay, together with a position description.
  5. If only one quotation can be provided due to the specialist nature of purchases, etc, please detail this on the application form.
  6. The successful tender document needs to be provided for applications for capital projects. Note: only tangible ‘bricks & mortar’ and labour costs are considered; not any preliminary work such as plans, engineering reports or building/resource consents.
  7. Photocopied pages from catalogues are not acceptable.
  8. A resolution to apply for funding from THE TRUSTS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION LTD for the purpose and amount for which your organisation are applying for funding. The resolution must include the names of all members who approved the resolution and the date on which the resolution was passed, be signed by the Secretary/Chairperson or other Executive member, and be printed on the organisation’s letterhead.


Incorporated Societies must provide:

  • Certificate of Incorporation number.

Charitable Trusts or Registered Charities must provide:

  • Certificate of Incorporation number and
  • Charities Registration Number – click here for Charities Commission website

Sport & Recreation Groups that do not have a Certificate of Incorporation must provide:

  • Proof of current affiliation to a national or regional body and, if applicable
  • Proof/itinerary and date/s of events for which funding is sought
  • Names and roles of individuals in the team/organisation if travel funding is being requested

Schools must provide:

  • A letter of endorsement from the Principal on school letterhead

Other organisations must provide:

  • Proof of non-profit status or IRD ‘charitable’ certificate.

Bank Account Details for the applicant organisation must be in the form of:

  1. A bank statement, or
  2. A bank encoded deposit slip, or
  3. Hand written or printed bank details which have been stamped as verified by the bank.

Financial Statements;

  • Latest financial statements, preferably audited.

You must also;

  1. Keep a full copy of the application and supporting docuementation (all applications are retained by TTCF).
  2. Declare on the application form any other funding that has been sought for the same purpose, from any other funding organisation.
  3. Ensure that all and any previous applications funded by TTCF have been fully accounted for before making further application. See Accountability Report


  1. Any funds received must only be used for the purpose(s) for which they were approved, or they will need to be returned to the Foundation.
  2. Items or services funded must be purchased from the supplier who provided a quote with the application. Should a supplier no longer be able to provide the items or services, a written request for approval for a change of supplier, together with a new quote, must be sought and approval obtained in writing from TTCF before the funds can be used.
  3. Salaries funded must be for the employee named in the signed employment contract and for the position description included with the application. Should an employee resign, a written request for a approval for a change of employee, together with a signed employment contract and position description must be sought and approval obtained in writing from TTCF before the funds can be used.
  4. Funds cannot be promised for a future event. On-going funding can only be catered for by a separate application every time funding is required.
  5. Funds must be used as soon as practical after being granted and cannot be held over for use at some time in the future.
  6. Any queries relating to grant applications should come directly from the applicant, to TTCF.

Other questions the Net Proceeds Committee will be asking;

  1. Is this a genuine community group that is able to control and spend public monies in an appropriate manner, including maintaining appropriate records and providing a complete and clear audit trail?
  2. Is the purpose for which the funds will be used providing a genuine ‘community benefit’ to a significant section of the community? ie: not predominantly ‘social’ in nature or only of benefit to a few people.
  3. Is it certain that no person will benefit commercially from the grant other than the legitimate providers of goods or services stated in the application?

The above are only some of the conditions and regulations that apply to the issuing of grants from gaming machine proceeds.

The Foundation is entirely responsible for the commitment of funds and is not required to approve any grant whether it is compliant with the requirements or not.

All grants are subject to audit by either the Foundation or the Department of Internal Affairs.