Expenditure of funds must be accounted for to the satisfaction of TTCF.

TTCF will send an Accountability Report to successful applicants with the approval letter. The Accountability Report must be completed in full with the supporting information attached (such as invoices, receipts and copies of bank statements pertaining to the receipt of funds and expenditure of funds). The completed accountability report should be returned to the foundation as soon as practicable after the funds are spent.

  • If funding is unspent after 3 months, this report should be provided as an “Interim Accountability” report, clearly showing the current location of the unspent funds.
  • Successful applicants must comply with all reasonable requests for further information or audit.
  • Failure to return the required Accountability Report(s) may result in a request from TTCF for the return of the funding and in any future application being declined.
  • If all or part of the funding is unspent or will not be spent in accordance with the proper purposes of the grant, you must inform TTCF in writing immediately.
  • Any other funding sought or obtained for the same goods or services as the funding sought from TTCF must be disclosed to TTCF immediately.

Additional forms are available and can be downloaded below:

TTCF Accountability Report Word June 2020

TTCF Accountability Report June 2020

N.B. Your organisation will not be considered eligible for any further grant applications if it has not completed the accountability requirements for any grants received previously.