Q:  How long before our organisation needs the funds should we apply for them?

A:  Applications should reach us no less than 6 weeks prior to the expenditure of any funds.  Because each monthly funding round closes on the 10th of each month, please check our Funding Rounds page to see when the date of the Net Proceeds Committee is scheduled, to ensure that your application can be considered before your funds are needed.

Q:  Can we apply for funding for items that we have already purchased or for work we have had done?

A:  No.  These items will be deemed “retrospective”.  Please check our Funding Rounds page for monthly meeting dates.  You may not spend funds until after you have received notification in writing from TTCF confirming the approval of those funds.

Q:  What amount of funding can we apply for?

A:  You should apply for the amount of funding you require to complete your project or part thereof if you are applying to other trusts for funding as well.  Make sure that you disclose these details in the application form.  The amount of funds available for the Directors to distribute each month is variable and depends on the number of applications received and the value of those applications.  Unfortunately, this will mean that some months, not all compliant applications can be supported or others may only be partly supported.

Q:  What type of things can our organisation apply for?

A:  The items you apply for must be considered Authorised Purposes as outlined in the Gambling Act 2003.  Items must also be entirely relevant to your organisation or purposes.  Please refer to our list of Authorised Purposes for more specific items, or email your query directly to us.

Q:  How often can our organisation apply for funding?

A:  Due to the increased number of grant applications received each month, together with on-going pressure on funds available for distribution, the Net Proceeds Committee’s usual practice is to approve one grant per organisation per financial year.

Q:  When is the best time to apply for funding?

A:  TTCF Directors meet monthly for 11 months of the year, excluding December.  Please refer to our Funding Rounds page for detailed information on meeting dates and application deadlines.

Q:  When will I hear about my funding decision?

A:  Please go to our Funding Rounds page which has information about round opening and closing dates, decision meeting dates, notification and payment dates.  Please note that you are notified of the Director’s decision in writing – no funding decisions will be given verbally.

Q:  Can I ring you to find out the status or success of my application?

A:  No.  We do not give out information about application status over the telephone.  You can however visit our Application Status page and view the current status of your application online.  All notifications regarding outcomes of Directors meetings are made in writing.

Q:  We are a sports group in Whakatane.  Are we eligible for funding?

A:  Please visit our Gaming Venues page to see if TTCF have venues in your area.  Funding is generally distributed in the area in which it was generated.  If we don’t have venues in your area, it is unlikely that we will be able to support your application but we do suggest that you visit the website www.dia.govt.nz.  You will be able to access a full list of all trusts that operate gaming machines in your local area.

Q:  Do we have to spend the funds with the suppliers /employees whose quotes/contracts were provided with the application?

A:  Yes.  However, if you have a genuine reason for not being able to use the suppliers quoted or employees named in your application, you must forward us a written request for a change of supplier or employee, including quotes from a new supplier for the same items/copy of employment contract  for the new employee. You must then receive TTCF’s written approval to proceed with the change before spending the funds.

Q:  We have surplus funds left over from our funding – what should we do?

A:  Surplus funds should be returned to TTCF immediately.

Q:  Is there a time limit on spending the funds?

A:  The Gambling Act 2003 states that funds must be of a direct and immediate benefit to the community.  We therefore expect that most projects will be completed within 3-6 months of receipt of funds.

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