About Us

The Trusts Community Foundation Limited (TTCF) is a national not-for-profit company primarily established to distribute funds generated from Class 4 gaming machines operated in some Licensing Trusts outlets and privately owned Hotels throughout New Zealand. See a list of our gaming venues.

Previously TTCF operated as a charitable entity but was obliged to restructure as its charitable status made it difficult to support sporting and/or racing related activities.

In the year ending 31st March 2020 TTCF achieved a return of 44.84% net revenue to authorised purposes. The Board is extremely proud of its achievements in this regard, maintaining one of the highest rates of contribution of all the nationally based class 4 gaming societies.

The Class 4 gambling sector is highly regulated and no more so than in the grants area. TTCF therefore makes no apology for the fact that its application process is an onerous one, with a high burden of proof and responsibility resting with each applicant. Having said this, our Grants Office is only a phone call away on 0800 882 3583 Option 2, so if you are contemplating making an application but are having difficulty with some part of the process feel free to make contact. TTCF does support a broad cross section of non-profit community groups, charities, welfare agencies and educational organisations as well as many amateur sporting clubs and the racing industry, but is unable to support professional or elite sporting activities, projects or any application that has an element of personal gain involved.

As mentioned, TTCF is a mix of Licensing Trusts and privately owned Hotels. While the legislation prohibits any input from venue operators in so far as grants are concerned, TTCF remains dedicated to ensuring almost all of the funds generated are also distributed in a particular region.

However the legislation does allow for the elected members of Licensing Trusts to be involved in making recommendations with respect to all grant applications received in their particular areas. In recognition of their ongoing commitment to and extensive involvement with their respective communities, TTCF has a process in place whereby a committee meeting consisting of all elected members in each of the Licensing Trusts are able to view the full list of applications and make recommendations on their merits accordingly. This local input has proven to be invaluable and greatly assists the TTCF Board in its decision making process.

TTCF is heavily committed to minimising any negative impacts of Class 4 gambling by proactively training and monitoring venue personnel as well as supporting any new initiatives that may better control people with problem gambling tendencies.