Shirley Intermediate School

Shirley Intermediate SchoolTTCF funding enabled 171 children to attend a camp in Dunedin, giving them a much needed break from life in some of the worst affected areas of Eastern Christchurch after the earthquakes.

Many of the children’s families lost jobs and homes, while at the same time struggling without water and sewerage.

A TTCF grant enabled the children to get away from their ravaged city and travel by bus to Dunedin where they visited the albatross colony on the Otago Peninsula, learnt how to make chocolate at the Cadbury’s Factory, and visited Olveston House to gain insights about life in colonial New Zealand.

Omaha Shorebird Protection Trust

The breeding of shorebirds at Omaha Spit, in particular the NZ Dotterel, has been threatened by the introduction of domestic cats and dogs to the North Omaha Reserve.

A TTCF grant has contributed towards the construction of a pest proof fence to prevent incursions onto the Spit and to signify the ‘sanctuary ‘ status of the Reserve.

Balclutha Scouts

A TTCF grant enabled 36 Scouts and 10 Leaders from Balclutha to attend the National Jamboree in Hamilton, where they camped, cooked and participated in a range of outdoor adventure activities.

Eastern Southland Gallery

A TTCF grant has contributed to refurbishing the foyer of the East Gore Art Centre and Muka Studio, to establish display space, a special lithographic print studio and preparation room.

Neonatal Trust New Zealand

A grant of $219,000 is enabling the Trust to extend its reach to the 14 provincial neonatal units by establishing support structures to fully engage with the 6,000+ neonatal families every year nationwide.

The grant is also to engage the team at Weta Workshop to produce a further edition of ‘Project Born,’ a unique educational awareness programme.

Neurological Foundation’s Chair in Neurosurgery

Reuben JohnsonWhen it seemed their neurosurgery unit was at risk the communities of Otago and Southland rallied to retain the service. A number of options were explored, with the decision to develop and academic component to the unit based in Dunedin in order to make the unit more viable.

The Neurological Foundation’s Chair in Neurosurgery would be the only academic unit in New Zealand and run as part of the complete South Island Neurosurgical Service. TTCF supported this project by providing $85,368 to pay the research portion of the Senior lecturer’s costs for the first twelve months, enabling the unit to appoint a second ‘surgeon’ to the team, much earlier than originally anticipated.

Mr Reuben Johnson, from England is highly qualified and passionate about both the research into neurological conditions and the clinical care of patients, not just from Otago and Southland but from all over NZ who will be treated by this new integrated service.