New Paddle Boards for Junior Lifesavers

2. New Paddle Boards for Junior Lifesavers (2)A TTCF grant of $5,000 arrived just in time to purchase new paddle boards for the start of the season, for junior members of the St Clair Junior Surf Lifesaving Club aged 7-14 years to begin training in earnest.  The kids were super excited to unpack the boards and head into the surf.  Secretary Mary Andrew says the Club has grown significantly over the past five years to over 140 junior members.  “They have an impressive record competing at regional and national level and this grant will help educate, train and foster the skills needed to be the lifesavers of our future.”

Young people Wielding Bokken and Jo

3, Young People Wielding Bokken and JoIntegral to their training at the Dojo in Island Bay is ‘bokken and jo’, wooden equipment funded by a TTCF grant.  Shodokan Aikido is a soft form martial art, excellent for self defense, improving fitness and self-esteem.  Run entirely by volunteers, the organisation offers young people aged 9 to 12 years who may be under confident, facing bullying, or needing to develop discipline and resilience, the opportunity to train in martial arts free of charge.

Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

TTCF’s first multi-year grant involved a total sum of $3 million for the redevelopment of West Auckland’s Lopdell Precinct, including the restoration of the iconic Lopdell House  in Titirangi and the construction of a new adjacent art gallery.  The new regional gallery has been built to nationally accepted museum and art gallery standards, providing twice the present exhibition space, new teaching areas, delivery workshop, preparation and storage spaces, and new electrical and air-conditioning services.  Other significant funders of this $20 million major project were Auckland Council, the Lottery Grants Board and Foundation North.

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (APO)

In addition to the Connecting with Music concerts, which continue to benefit schools in West Auckland, TTCF funding has enabled the APO to hold a free open day and APO 4 Kids Christmas concerts at the Massey High School Performing Arts Centre.

Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind

Like little girls across NZ, bubbly Brianna adores fairy-tales but, blind from birth, she has never seen a book in her whole eight years.

A TTCF grant towards the cost of ‘talking books’ is opening up a world of imagination for Brianna and other visually impaired children, enabling them to able to access their favourite stories.